Abstract Guidelines
State of the art Covid-19 invites you to submit abstracts reporting new research or developing information on Covid-19 and related conditions. We welcome abstracts presenting unpublished studies, case reports, systematic reviews and scientific approaches on methodology and quality improvement. Studies presented in part on other meetings and recently published data can also be considered. The Scientific Program Committee will select abstracts on the basis of their medical significance, timeliness, the quality of the data and methodology, and adherence to specific format requirements and other criteria described herein. A few abstracts will be selected for oral presentations and the remaining for posters.

Required Elements
Each abstract must include the following:
Title. The title should appear in boldface at the top. It should be concise (no more than 130 characters, not including spaces) and unambiguously represent the subject of the abstract.
Authors’ names: These names should appear in below the title. They should be separated by commas, with first names first followed by middle initials and last name only (no titles or degrees). The presenting author should be the first name added in the authors list. Add affiliations, use superscripts to identify the author and the affiliation (for example: Name A¹, Name B², University X¹, University Y²). List no more than 10 authors on each abstract.
Background: This section briefly presents the hypothesis of the abstract or encapsulates the subject under study.
Methods: This section details the experimental methods and processes employed in the study.
Results: This section describes the precise findings of the study. Promises of results “to be determined” are not acceptable.
Conclusions: This section describes logically sound conclusions and reliable inferences from the results.

Abstract Length
The titles of abstracts should not exceed 130 characters (not including spaces). The body text should not exceed 3000 characters (not including spaces). Embedded images (tables, figures, etc) will be counted as 250 characters.

Abstract timeline
Abstract submission opens
15/6 -2022
Last day for submitting abstracts
8/10 -2022
Decisions for abstracts emailed
25/10 -2022
All accepted abstracts will get their own digital poster space to design. There is the possibility to add texts, pictures, slides, pdfs and hyperlinks in that space.

Each poster is allowed a maximum space of 5 slides with a minimum text size of 16pt for readability.

Each poster will also have its own Forum where visitors can ask questions and discuss the content – authors are encouraged to interact in such discussions.

There will also be a poster session on Day 1 of the conference, where some selected posters will be able to present their work and take live questions.


Poster Award

The Scientific Committee will select the three Best posters, one winner and two runner-ups, who will be rewarded Research Grants of 20 000 SEK in total. The winner will receive 10 000 kr (SEK) and the two runner ups will receive 5 000 kr (SEK) each.